How can we create rings similar to Saturn in the world?

When we look at the solar system, we see ring-like structures on many planets. When Galileo studied Saturn, he could not understand exactly what happened.If you look at Saturn with a non-powerful telescope, the rings may mislead you. Galileo predicted that Saturn has not a ring but 3 different objects.Today we know there are rings and they are made up of dust, ice, rock fragments.

Why Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune have rings but there is no rings around world?The answer is a bit of luck and a little bit of Roche Limit.

Roche Limiti

The Roche limit shows the shortest distance that a celestial body can approach to another celestial body without gravitational stress caused by gravitational force. This concept was defined by the French mathematician Albert Roche in 1847.



The satellite is subjected to gravity by the celestial body it rotates around, but the satellite is not homogeneously affected by this force because the face facing the celestial body is pulled with more force than the other face.

The force decreases with the square of the distance. This force inequality creates a distance-dependent voltage on the satellite. After a certain distance, the voltage breaks the satellite apart.


We can use the formula here to calculate the approximate limit distance R: Radius of celestial body, pM: Density of celestial body, pm: Density of satellite

The rings of Saturn and other ring planets are thought to be formed in this way. A comet or satellite breaks apart and joins the orbit after crossing the distance.

Source: BBC

The moon or the rings?

We know that if we can bring the Moon too close to Earth, it will break up and form rings, so we need to change the orbit of the Moon.But we have to give up someone, we can see the Moon or the rings, when people get bored to see the Moon, they can try this process.



If we collected and processed all Uranium resources on the surface of the world, we would have approximately 35 million tons of Uranium.

With this amount of material, we can produce millions of nuclear weapons. The energy of the weapons produced is similar to the meteor that hit the Earth 65 million years ago.Let’s imagine that we place these weapons on the surface of the Moon.

When the position placed is equal to the 180 degree angle to the surface facing the Earth, the guns are fired.This amount of energy evaporates and emits part of the satellite and also pushes the Moon towards Earth if it does not deflect the Moon from orbit.

There is approximately 384,000 km between the Earth and the Moon. The gravitational stress increases as the Moon begins to approach Earth with the severity of the explosion and the satellite begins to stretch due to the difference in force applied by the Earth.

When the distance goes below 18,000 km, the journey ends. The Roche Limit has been exceeded, the mass gravitational stress begins to disintegrate the Moon and new parts sit in orbit.

Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet shattering with Jupiter’s very strong gravitation


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Ömer Özgür


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