17 Mobile Health Applications | Overview

For health professionals :

Triton Canister & Triton Sponge (Gauss Surgical, Inc.)

Triton Canister and Triton Sponge are part of Gauss Surgical’s suite of apps for the operating room that use an image processing algorithm to calcute the amount of blood lost on suction canisters and sponges. These apps are the world’s first and only apps for real-time estimation of blood loss.

 Source : Triton Sponge

Flatiron Health (Flatiron Health, Inc.)

Flatiron Health is a company that develops cloud-based technology for oncology clinics with investors such as Google Ventures and Roche. Its cloud-based technology, OncoCloud, accelerates research with the most advanced real-world evidence platform in oncology. It pairs clinical oncology experts with innovative technology to rapidly generate high quality data directly from the EHR. Real-world evidence is derived primarily from the EHRs of over 265 community clinics and academic institutions at over 800 geographically diverse sites of care. Combined with access to curated data from Flatiron partner institutions, your research and clinical teams can now achieve far greater levels of insight.

 Source : Flatiron

Mobile MIM

Mobile MIM is used for viewing, registration and diagnosis of medical images obtained from imaging systems such as SPECT, PET, CT, MRI, X-ray, and ultrasound and also to approve treatment plans. It provides wireless and portable Access to medical images. It cannot be used for mammography.

 Source : Mobile MIM

Resolution MD (Calgary Scientific, Inc.)

ResolutionMD enables Doctors to securely view patient images and reports, collaborate with other practitioners and diagnose from any location. It is currently installed in leading healthcare institutions around the workd via a network of more than forty-five world class healthcare partners. Free. FDA approved.

 Source : Resolution MD

Lab Values Reference (Imago AI, LLC)

Lab Values Reference is one of the applications featured in Apps for Health Professionals and Nursing Apps categories by Apple. It contains 375 common and uncommon lab values, conditions associated with abnormal values. It allows to switch between US values and international metric system (SI) values.

Source :Imago AI, LLC

For patients :

AiCure (AiCure, LLC)

AiCure uses patented artificial intelligence to confirm medication ingestion. It has features such as reminder, automated alert, interactive guidance, remote data analysis and real-time feedback. The app will let your coordinator know if yo haven’t taken your medication.

Source : AiCure, LLC

Babylon Health (Babylon Health)

Babylon is a digital personalised healthcare provider that allows patients to book a doctor’s appointment and get medical advise online wherever you are. The check-up tool was created by doctors, scientists and epidemiologists. Babylon’s AI-powered Symptom Checker asks you questions and analyses millions of symptoms in seconds. It also offers appointments with a doctor via video call and physical appointments in certain locations. Prescriptions sent electronically to a pharmacy of your choice to pick up within the hour. Prescription medicine can also be delivired to your home or office.

Source : Babylon Health

Zocdoc: Doctors on Demand (Zocdoc Inc)

Zocdoc is an application that asks for the patient’s zip code and insurance provider, then lists local doctors who accepts the patient’s healthcare plan. It allows you to book an appointment instantly and set reminders for your future appointments.

Source : ZocDoc

Pager: Chat With a Nurse (Pager, Inc.)

Pager is an AI-powered mobile application that allows patients message with a nurse anytime, book a doctor’s appointment, view lab results, fill prescription, and pick up at the pharmacy. It’s only available in New York and New Jersey.

Source : Pager

Ada: Your Health Guide (Ada Health)

Ada is an AI-powered telemedicine service that provides patients instant access to medical health information. Patients can create their medical history (allergies, medication, etc.) to share with their healthcare professionals. Its Symptom Checker can analysis thousands of symptoms and conditions, from the most common to rare diseases. It win Best Patient Platform award on 2018.

Source : Ada Health

Kardia (AliveCor, Inc.)

Kardia is an FDA-approved mobile application that allows patients to capture a medical grade ECG by touching the sensors on Kardia ECG device for 30 seconds. It’s possible to send your ECG records to your doctor.

Kardia integrates with Apple Health to monitor users heart rate during workout. SmartRhythm workout monitoring is a system that takes your heart rate and activity data gathered from the Apple Watch during workouts, and evaluates it using a deep neural network to predict your

heart rate pattern. If your heart rate differs from the neural network prediction, SmartRhythm will notify you to record an ECG.

Source : AliveCor, Inc.

Bluestar Diabetes (Welldoc)

Bluestar Diabetes is an FDA-approved, award-winning diabetes management app that organizes a diabetes patient’s life. It pairs with OneTouch Verio Flex® meter wirelessly to transfer blood glucose results. It includes healthy lifestyle tips, synchronization with fitness trackers and reminder for medication.

Source : Welldoc

First Derm Online Dermatology

First Derm is an award-winning online dermatology service. It allows patients get medical advise from board-certified dermatologists that are trained in teledermatology. After the patient take pictures of the affected area, fill the information, and pay the fee, the case will be reviewed. Common concerns include acne, eczema, hives, insect bites, hair loss, folliculitis, moles, skin cancer, melanoma, cold sores, rosacea, dandruff, STD, STI, and more. First Derm recommends to see a dermatologist in person for more serious cases.

Source : First Derm


HealthTap is a healthcare service that allows patients search content about over 850 conditions, ask questions for free to the network of 140.000 doctors and receive answers within 24 hours, see a doctor via chat, voice or video call, and get a treatment plan.

Source : HealthTap

Simple Contacts (Simple Contacts, Inc)

Simple Contacts is an FDA-approved application that helps patients renew contact lens prescription remotely with an application-based visual test and order new contact lenses. Firstly, the app asks patient questions about medical history to determine whether the patient is eligible for online prescription renewal, then record a short video of eye to make sure there are no signs of redness while wearing the current contact lenses and applies a simple visual acuity chart. If the patient can’t see with the current contact lenses, the new prescription is approved by an ophthalmologist. Finally, it lets patients order contact lenses from major brands with an exact prescription and ships within 24 hours.

Source : Simple Contacts


WebMD (AirStrip Technologies, LLC)

WebMD is an FDA-approved application that provides medical information by its AI-powered “Symptom Checker”, informs the patients about side effects, precautions and the dosage of the medication and drug-drug interactions, allows them to set reminders for medication and reach local doctors, gives them healthy lifestyle tips.

Source : WebMD 


AsthmaMD is the number 1 asthma and COPD management application in the market. It pairs with AsthmaMD Peak Flow Meter that is sold in every CVS and Walgreens in US. Asthma patients can log in their symptoms and daily triggers, visualize their asthma activity on a color graph, share the graph with their physician, track how medication is helping them, and learn about high asthma locations. It also helps doctors and researchers have a better understanding of asthma and COPD.

Source : AsthmaMD 



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