How Did We Work In The Pandemic?

For the past few months, most of us have
been disrupted because of the Coronavirus pandemic.  Due to the quarantin, which is essential
during the pandemic period, while many business areas are coming to a
standstill, some business areas are seen to gain value. For example, while the
works of places such as cafes and restaurants were disrupted in this period,
the food production sector and the textile sector, which gained importance with
the production of masks, are in higher demand than ever. In addition to these,
many white collar jobs seem to be carried out online for a while. Sectors like
banks, software industry and education sector may be the sectors that have
undergone this process without any damage. In addition to all these sectors,
there are start-up formations that include Yesil Science, as far as I observed,
the teams that have successfully adapted to online work seem to emerge stronger
from the period. So how did Yesil Science adapt to this challenging pandemic
process? I think that sharing what we do to adapt to this new process can lead
many entrepreneurs and even large companies.

With the first cases in our country seen, Yesil Science suspended the work at the office in Istanbul/ Turkey and started working online. While many businesses have difficulty in adapting to online operation, the process was more painless for us as we have a semi-online operation.

The office meetings we held on Monday were replaced by zoom meetings.  In addition, the collaborative work we did on other days of the week converted to the common working hours on discord. We started to use the discord channel which was previously available, and we started to use it more effectively. As I said before, we had an excel file where we entered the daily progress of our work because we were working semi-online. In the new period, this excel file played a key role in our operation. We decided to share our documents, which play a key role in time planning, for convenience to other enterprises.  From this link, you can reach how time planning is done and make your work more organized. In addition to time management with Drive, we also developed a mobile application in which we streamline the tasks of people within the team. Thanks to our gamified application that you can access from the link, we have also prevented the problem of falling out of the desire to do business due to the pandemic.

Another important breakthrough we have made during the pandemic process as Yesil Science was to stop our office operation due to the pandemic and open the online internship application. During the first internship period, we grew our team with new interns from all over the country. Our new friends quickly adapted to the online working order in many areas from product development to software.

While we carried all the works on the internet, we started to do our activities that we periodically carry out under the name of Yesil Core and Yesil Society via discord and Youtube. Previously, we had conversations with very successful guests in fields such as entrepreneurship, biology, health sciences in our country via discord and Youtube.  Later, we expanded our conversations with participants from abroad, in English. As a result, our weekly Yesil Society activities continue in an order without being affected by the pandemic.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this process to the Yesil Science team was the new international interns. During our last internship period, we received internship applications from many parts of the world, especially in America and Europe. As our work system is completely online, our international interns quickly adapted to the order. In addition, we increase the harmony of our teammates from different cultures with the various games we do within the team.

In summary, as Yesil Science, we can say that we managed to turn this difficult pandemic period into an advantage. Although we are looking forward to the days when our pandemic ends and we will meet in our office, we are planning to work with people from different parts of the world. Yesil Science, a new initiative with the products we are developing, is now a very large family with international participation!



Efe Cuma Yavuzsoy

Product Dev.

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