Are we living in a black hole

We observe that time is going forward, either if we started to rewind the clock, to the time when galaxies did not form or the sun did not shine. If the universe is expanding, when we reverse the time, the deflated balloon will begin to shrink in a similar way and gradually get warmer.

After a point, the density will gradually increase and we will reach zero volume and infinite (in theory) density, this is where the Big Bang begins.
We don’t know what happened before the Big Bang. Was there time or space or why was it triggered?

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Can you go faster than the light?


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Escape speed: This is the minimum speed required to get rid of the gravitational force of a celestial body. You will orbit the planet at lower speeds.

The escape speed for the world is 40,270 km / h. It is not easy to escape from the world, you need to travel 33 times faster than sound or 10 times faster than a rifle bullet. Modern rockets can easily reach these speeds. Although there are very high speeds for human perception, there is no difference between the speed of the slug on the universe scale.

Schwarzschild radius: As far as we observe the black holes, an object entering the event horizon does not have a chance to go out, even for light. The highest speed we know in the universe right now is the speed of light.

Then you need to move faster from the light to escape from the black hole, which is currently not possible. When we equal the escape velocity to the speed of light, we can calculate the radius of the event horizon.

  • r = 2GM/c²
  • r (radius of the event horizon), c (speed of light), M (mass of object trying to escape), c (speed of light), G (universal gravitational constant)
  • If we want to turn the Earth into a black hole, we must compress it until its radius is 9mm.

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Transforming the Universe into a black hole

If we live in a black hole, our universe must conform to the Schwarzschild equation. There are about 10¹¹ galaxies in the universe and there are about 10¹² stars in each galaxy and the stars are on average 2×10³⁰ kg. In star systems, most of the mass comes from the stars, as in the solar system.

Mass of the Universe = 2×10¹¹x10¹²x10³⁰ = 2×10⁵³ kg is approx. Although it is a very large number, there is no point in the human mind after a certain number of zeros.

If we calculate the Schwarzschild radius by the mass of the universe, we can find out what the radius of a black hole in universe weight should be.

The result we found is 36 billion light years, the true radius of the observable universe is 46.5 billion light years. A close guess is that we do not know exactly what the 95% part of the universe is, since they are unknown, their names begin with “dark” dark matter energy, black hole. If we calculate the mass we do not know, we can probably make more successful predictions.

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New generation universes

A massive star fails to balance its gravitational force, bursting with a supernova and leaving a black hole behind it. According to our estimates, it contains singularity in the center of the black hole. Also Big Bang started from a singularity.

Could the formation of a black hole mean the moment of birth of a different universe? Universes born the universe and they may be doing this using black holes. Will the formed baby universe inherit the laws of physics or be appointed with quantum mechanical luck?

In order to understand singularities, we need to combine General Relativity and Quantum mechanics. General Relativity has been developed to understand very large objects and gravitational fields, while Quantum mechanics has been developed to understand the universe of very small objects. The singularity is at the intersection of these 2 phases, high gravitational field and very small size. Today, 2 theories have not been combined.

The universe was even smaller than the proton at the beginning, which means that the small changes made by quantum mechanics will become more important as the universe grows.

If you mark and inflate 2 dots very close to each other before inflating a bubble, it can be observed that the distance gradually increases. The universe is not uniform due to the quantum fluctuation.

There are important constants in the universe, the electrical charge of the electron and proton, the force of gravitation, the range and force of the strong nuclear force. For example, if we imagine a universe where gravity is stronger, the stars will consume their fuel faster because there will be greater pressure in their nuclei, and the time that will allow life to develop will not shine.


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As a result, our universe may not be unique, we know that the universe covers everything mathematically, and different universes may be shaped by a variety of different laws of physics.

If the universes are producing new universes, then how was the first universe produced?

What happens to the universe produced when the black hole evaporates with Hawking radiation?

The total energy in the universe is 0, so the universe can be produced without transferring energy from nothing (in theory). Unlike the Earth, the total energy being 0 causes the Universe to be flat on a large scale. Energy bends space and if there is 0 energy, there is no slope in total and it is flat. Those who say the world is flat should see a little bigger picture.

All the people, scientists, leaders, stars, kings, politicians you know lived in the dust of the earth hanging in the rays of the sun.

The universe may also be a point of infinite nothingness.

Recipe for creating your own universe:

  • Find enough energy
  • Increase this energy intensity and distort space time almost infinitely
  • You can watch the Big Bang show of the new baby universe

Note: Do not try at home!


Ömer Özgür

Ömer Özgür


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