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FluAI mobile app, analyze the throat photos and complaints of influenza patients with our artificial intelligence (AI) and gives recommendations.

Mandarin Health

A well-being mobile app that analyzes users' health behaviors with artificial intelligence (AI) and displays their health status via AR


Gamificiated symptom checker mobile application


Hobbycorn provides an environment where you can discover, learn, plan and also track your personalized hobbies.


Mindpio is a mental well-being companion app for your life balance and personality.


Augmentify® is a revolutionary product that provides a breath of fresh air to pharmaceutical marketing using augmented reality (AR) technology, delivering molecular visualizations.

“We will develop health and technology together.

In this way, we have broken our tails and determined our route, and we are a comet that shines brightly and we will illuminate each other. “

Yusuf Yesil, M.D.
Founder of Yesil Science

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