Team Guide

What is difference between intern and team member ?

You can apply to join as an internship or direct team member. We attach great importance to experience in team member application. Interns have the chance to continue as a team member after evaluations by ending 3 months period.Intern > Team Member > Board

What is in-team communication language ?

General meetings, written channels and all docs are in English. Product meetings and channels are in Turkish, since the majority speak Turkish. English is preferred for the subjects of the Non-Turkish speakers team members or for important subjects about product.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to people from all professions, job, universities, departments and classes, regardless of graduate / student discrimination. The level of knowledge / experience, desire and productive personality in the applied position that we attach importance to the applications.

Do you work online?

We work completely online. We do the project management with various communication / file management tools through the mobile app we developed. We work with Agile project management approach and Scrum methodology. It is an advantage but not necessary to have basic knowledge about these methods.

How many days does the team work?

We do meetings for 3 days, Monday 18:30-20:00, Thursday 18:30-19:30, Saturday, 11:00-14:00 (all for GMT+3). On other days, we continue our works remote,separately.

How many hours should I reserve for a week ?

You have to allocate at least 20 hours a week.

When will the applications be opened again?

Applications are always open and application periods are renewed every 3 months.

What do you pay attention to in team work?

We expect the friends who will join us to take responsibility and to take a pro-active role without waiting for responsibility in all processes. We do not like the communication style of institutionalism, do not come with such an expectation. However, as working discipline, we have a very regular and disciplined system. You are not fixed to the sub-team you are in, you can also take part in other teams and technologies for projects. We have a flexible structure.

What do you pay attention about soft-skills ?

Points, We Consider During the Internship:1. Adapting to Change, Fast Learning 2. Combining many different works and having no trouble doing 3. Improved Emotional Intelligence, Strong Understanding of People 4. He Has Discovered His Skills And Can Adapt It To His Job 5. Capturing Different Connections and Embodying It 6. Who Can Discover The Power Of Words And Adapt It To The Language Of Expression 7. Based on Sustainable Intimacy in Human Relations 8. It Has Not Lost Its Childish Aspects And Complies With The Sessions 9. Has Flexibility to Lead People, Improved Leadership Features 10. Effective in Managing Network Components 11. Being Responsible

What kind of team are you?

We are a team that places great emphasis on design, creativity and gamification, knows how to develop projects and have fun together. We are open to people of all languages, religions, races and ethnic backgrounds.

What happens at the end of the internship?

Upon completion of the internship or the end of the internship, taking into account criteria such as contribution, responsibilities, experience, talent, initiative and team compliance after the internship period of 3 months.

Do you have regular paid position ?

No, we don't have a regular paid position. We work as "Sweat equity" model. It has an income sharing system in which all team members in Yesil Science share the income according to the effort it added to the team.