AI and AR Supported
Well-Being App

Well-being mobile app that analyzes users health behaviors with artificial intelligence (AI) and displays their health status and recommendations through augmented reality (AR). 

With the Mandarin mobile app, we can determine your health analyzes accurately and quickly with artificial intelligence (AI), and we offer you the opportunity to visually and 3D examine your organs’ scores by augmented reality (AR) technology.

How Mandarin® work ?


By providing personalized analyzes, we provide more effective analysis and recommendations about health behaviors.

AI Supported

Thanks to our developed AI software, we perform health analyzes much faster and more reliably.

AR Supported

We provide to our users AR experience, people have the opportunity to grasp the analysis results in a much more realistic way.

Rich Features

With Mandarin you can keep track of your many health behaviors without having to download different apps.

Why Mandarin® ?

  1. Rather than general recommendations, we aim to bring the person to the solutions they really need by providing personalized analyzes.
  2. Thanks to the AI technology we have developed, we perform health analyzes much faster and more reliably.
  3. Thanks to the organ simulations that we provide to our users with AR infrastructure, people have the opportunity to grasp the analysis results in a much more realistic way than other applications.
  4. We offer you the ability to control your body’s bulk pre-check-up only from the Mandarin (ie from a single app) without having to download different apps.


1. Where and how can we download the app?

Our application will be published in 2020 Q2. Download the application at the top of the page by leaving your mail address links can be notified by e-mail when the application is released. When the application is published it will be accessible from all virtual stores including Android and IOS.

2. Which informations do we need to enter during the use of the application?

Once you have entered the application, you will first be asked a number of questions such as your daily steps, tea, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol usage to measure how healthy your organs are according to your health behaviors after you enter your basic information such as your age, gender, region and weight.

3. What kind of process is waiting for us after login?

After you select the organ you want to examine, you will answer the questions about your daily activity, diet style, and tell your organ score with the help of Mandarin artificial intelligence and you will be able to see the 3D shape of the organ you selected with the help of Mandarin’s augmented reality technology (AR). Mandarin will also offer you a variety of suggestions to help you achieve a better lifestyle than your organ score.

4. What organs can we examine with Mandarin?

With Mandarin you can find out how healthy all your organs are:

1.Circulatory health (Heart)

2. Mental performance (Brain)

3.Nutrition health (Stomach-Intestine)

4. Respiratory health (Lung)

5.Metabolism status (liver)

6.Exercise status (muscles)

7.Blood cleaning status (Kidney)

8.Fatty status (Oil)

9. Oral and dental health (Teeth)

10. Skin health 

5. How often do we need to answer questions in practice?

Since the questions are different according to the organ you choose, you can answer some questions only when you want to examine that organ, answer some weekly and others monthly and keep your information up to date.

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