FluAI is a mobile health application that gives the user personal analysis and recommendations for upper airway infections such as flu, which we all frequently encounter. Persons showing signs of illness, fever, cough and so on. Complaints and offers information and recommendations on the state of artificial intelligence analysis through the photo of the throat.

When you have any complaints of upper respiratory tract infection, all you need to do is to download the FluAI app by entering the App Store or Play Store on your phone, then take a picture of your throat as described in the app from your phone camera and enter the symptoms of your disease. Our application will help you learn the most possible analysis with artificial intelligence technology!

How FluAI® works ?


Everyone's disease is different! We provide you with more personal analysis and advice about your flu.

AI Supported

Thanks to our developed AI software, we perform analyzes much faster and more reliably.

Rich Features

With FluAI, you can analyze your situation, get the special suggestions we have prepared for you and track your situation within days.

Why FluAI® ?

    • Reducing unconscious antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance
    • Accurate and reliable information
    • Health assistant at a click away
    • Fast analysis and recommendations
    • 7/24 accessible
    • Suggestions that you can apply at home
    • Fully personal recommendations

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