Medical Animations

3D medical animations are a memorable and useful method for both educational tools and product demonstrations. Medical animation is the most effective way of showing how a medical device works and its functions, the mechanism of action of a drug and its differences, the molecular whole processes of a disease. Medical animation videos can also help patients to better understand treatment options. For :

  • Health institutions
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical research
  • Personal presentations
  • Publications
  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Investor Relations

3D medical drawings and animations are used. 3D medical animation is also effective in the creation of brand awareness and presentation of concepts and products that are in development stage.

Medical Animations

Medical Illustrations

Scientific Animations

The excellent use of scientific drawings and animations means effectively demonstrating even a complex scientific concept, such as a pharmaceutical MOA inhibitor (mechanism of action) or specific details of cellular biology in micro-size. Choosing an experienced scientific animation company is the first step towards the right representation of your product or service to the masses. In 3D scientific animation, this scale flexibility allows focusing on the appropriate level, from the smallest nano-sized structures to the mega dimensions, such as anatomical structures.

Surgical Animations

3D medical animation makes it possible to easily explain surgical procedures with a significantly higher grip than 2D video recording alone. Medical schools use 3D animation of surgical procedures to help students learn these procedures.

For example, patients who will undergo plastic surgery will more easily understand the procedures shown using 3D surgical animation and have higher compliance with treatment. These 3D surgical animations help patients understand procedures and make more informed choices about what procedures they want to perform. This helps them to feel more comfortable and safe about the operation, and to have reasonable expectations about surgical outcomes.

Why 3D Animation?

The medical and scientific uses of 3D video animation are unlimited. By improving our technology from year to year, we provide the leading visual materials that keep you in a competitive environment. If you are trying to offer the most useful devices and procedures to your patients for successful treatment, or if you are explaining a new device to potential investors, or you can give your medical school students a 3D medical animation, the following advantages can be achieved according to other methods:

Working with Yesil Science

Yesil Science is known as the world’s leading medical animation and interactive media initiative with solutions developed with new visual technologies. The medical visual artist is a talented computer animation expert with extensive knowledge of medical concepts and at the same time a technical part. Yesil Science’s medical animation studio team is a talented animation 3D artist and software developer who understands anatomy, biological processes and medical science. The combination of software knowledge with this medical knowledge and skills in creating 3D computer animation is required to produce accurate and detailed medical 3D animation.


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